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Announcement of Foundation

The Telecommunication Cercle is an organisation of the Institute of Communication Networks. It was initiated by Alcatel Austria and O. Univ. Prof. Dr. Harmen R. van As in order to support students in the second part of their course with above average academic success and special interest in telecommunications.

The goal of this organisation is to encourage curiosity in all matters of telecommunications. It concentrates not only on scientific studies and intensive contacts to companies (network operators as well as service- and content providers) but also on the training of personality and team skills.

Amongst other activities the TCC will make trips to partners in the telecommunications business, to public institutions and scientific organizations. It will also deepen the personal contacts between the students and the representatives of the partners. Though the Austrian telecommunications market is the primary topic for this organization, it will deal with European and international matters as well. The students will be able to organize trips to other countries as long as the emphasis is on telecommunications.

In order to promote the social skills of its members the TCC will organize cultural activities and social events. Meetings held on a monthly basis in pubs and Heurigen will be used to plan activities.

Membership of the Telecommunication Cercle is voluntary, though constant and enthusiastic effort for the common activities is required. As the financial resources are restricted, only a limited number of participants can be accepted. They are chosen on the basis of their application documents and after an individual talk.

Participation requires individual contribution and a high amount of self-organisation. Participants will be fully supported by the Institute of Communication Networks and Alcatel Austria.

Alcatel will subsidise all activities of the TCC so its participants will only bear minimal costs.  Therefore it will be necessary to compose an agenda containing planned activities and events. All activities should be coordinated with the sponsors and always well documented.

At the end of the two-year  project its members will get a certificate showing their participation in the common activities. After the initial phase one TCC-team should start every year, meaning that there will always be two concurrent TCC-teams of approximately 25 students.

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